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Marine Fuel Injection (MEFI)

Boat wiring color code (DC)

GroundBlack or Yellow
Ignition positivePurple
Fused positiveOrange
Tachometer senderGray
Oil Warning senderVaries
Temperature senderTan
Trim SenderWhite w/ Tan stripe
Instrument LightsDark Blue
Bow & Stern lightsDark Gray w/ white stripe
Bilge PumpBrown
Engine Kill CircuitBlack w/ Yellow stripe
Neutral-Start CircuitYellow w/ White Stripe
Power-trim main circuitPurple (Merc)or
Red /w Blue or white stripeBlack
Power trim (Down)Light Green w/ White Stripe
Power Trim (Up)Light Blue w/ White Stripe
Hull Bonding GroundDark Green
Bilge BlowerYellow


E-8.14.10 The AC grounding conductor shall be permitted to be one size smaller than the current carrying conductors on circuits rated greater than 30 amperes.
E-8.14.11 Conductors shall be at least 16 AWG.
1. 18 AWG conductors may be used if included with other conductors in a sheath, and do not extend more than 30 inches (760 mm) outside the sheath.
2. 18 AWG conductors may be used as internal wiring on panelboards.
3. Conductors that are totally inside an equipment housing.
4. Pigtails less than 7 inches (178 mm) used as wiring on panelboards.
E-8.14.12 Conductors shall be identified to indicate circuit polarity as follows:

ungrounded conductor black, or brown
grounded neutral conductor white, or light blue
grounding conductor green, green w/yellow stripe
additional ungrounded conductors red, orange, blue,
additional colors for ungrounded conductors (black) black w/red stripe,
black w/ blue stripe,
black w/orange stripe