Customer Inquiry
This is the Customer Inquiry part of the NNEC DAS system. It allows simple account lookup and usage information. TWACS devices can be pinged and read from these pages.
Account Lookup
Account information can be looked up by customer name, account number, meter number, module number(TWACS) or map location.
Select Account
If an account has more than one sub-account, you can select the sub-account you wish to retrieve.
Account Summary
A summary of account information is displayed.
Meter Readings
A summary of daily meter readings are displayed.
Past Usage with Weather Data
A summary of daily meter readings, with calculated usage and weather data are displayed.
Monthly Usage
Daily usage by month.
Daily Usage with weather data
This shows the customers daily usage, with the hi and low temps for that day.
Hourly Usage Data
This shows the customers hourly usage.
Hourly Usage Data
This graphically shows the customers hourly usage for a day.
View Past Bill Summary
This allows the user to view an actual copy of the customers bill.
View Past Bill
This is a copy of the bill the customer received..
This is a blink report for an account..
Pings can be submitted right from the inquiry screen.
The ping Results.
If the ping is successful, the light bulb icon will be yellow, indicating power to the meter. If this device is a meter, an on request read can be submitted by clicking on the light bulb icon.
Within about 20 seconds, the reading is returned.
Read a meter
This is how we read a meter from our Intranet (Web Browser).
The reading results.