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The pictures below show that pre-pay in the utility industry is not new, so why all the hype?

I think we pretty much live in a prepay world:

Pre pay meter - This is a General Electric IP-3, that was manufactured between 1906 and 1908. The IP-3 was a redesign of the IP-2 using the Form 4 prepayment device instead of the Form 3 device. The IP-3 had the knob mounted on the prepayment mechanism, but any strain on the knob was prone to damage the mechanism, so it was soon superseded by the IP-4 which had the knob in the cover and had a notch on the back that operated a lever on the mechanism. The space above the register in both versions was for a scale showing the number of coins remaining to the user's credit.

"Coins to you Credit Meter"

Directions for inserting your coins

Coin slot