Mike Hyde's Special Projects

Member Alert and Notification System (MANS)

The MANS program is something I started back in 2007. It started out as me sending a friend of mine his daily read in an email. It has evolved quite a bit since then! Members can sign up for this by going to the website (www.nnec.coop) and clicking on "My Account," then editing their profile. Members can receive their hourly, daily or weekly energy usage, outage alerts and abnormal usage notifications via email. The daily usage emails include the energy usage (kWh), and a breakdown of the daily and current cycle costs in dollars. The Hourly and weekly usage emails show energy usage in a colorful graph. The notifications also include weather data, energy tips of the day and any news items that members should be aware of. Threshold alerts will only email the member on days when their usage apprears to be abnormally high. Outage alerts will currently notify members if they are in a know and verified outage condition. This will hopefully be expanded to include a proactive outage detection system that will routuinely check your meter to verify it has power.
Sign up today at http://www.nnec.coop.

Hourly Power Usage email

This is the email that gets sent to the members who have signed up to receive ther hourly usage. This email gets sent out at 2:30 each afternoon.

The hourly usage is shown in an attachment.

Daily Power Usage email

The daily usage emails are now split into two groups. The first group is for members that only have one sub-account. The second group is for members with multiople sub accounts. Their usages are grouped on one email, so they do not receive a separate email each day for every sub account.