Mike Hyde's Special Projects

Batch Payment Processor


In going thru our CIS conversion, we had three days (Wed-Fri) where we were unable to post any payments, either into our old, or our new CIS system. The plan was to com in on Sunday, and have our Customer Service Representatives, enter all the payments from Wednesday thru Friday, into the new CIS system. Knowing this could take several hours on Sunday, which would hold up the rest of the database load and setup, I wanted to create a program, that woul dmae it easy for the CSR's to enter payments into, and that could create the batch payment files, that could be loaded right into the new CIS system. Here is what I came up with.


Here is a screen shot of the database structure. It is very simple.

When you first launch the web page, it collects the batch information.

After the batch is created, you can enter a payment.

After the payment information is collected, a page appears, showing the member name (Puled from the CIS system) so the CSR can verify that they are postingto the right account. The page is formated so it could be printed as a receipt. Once the "Submit Payment" is clicked, the payment is save to the database.

When all the payments have been entered, a separate program, "PaymentPoster.asp" will create a separate file, for each batch, to be submitted into the new CIAS System.