Mike Hyde's Special Projects

CIS Data Dumper


In going thru oour CIS conversion, I knew we would be sending files many times throughtout the process. The first time I did it manually thru Microsoft Access. That was a cumbersome process and I wanted something more "clicky."


This program was written to make it easier to do routine data dumps from our current CIS system, Daffron, into .".csv" formatted files. The drop-down list will list the current supported libraries:


This program, at NNEC, is run on a virtual server (Of course), running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, standard edition, Service Pack 2, but it could be run on any windows box, as long as the following is available:

User Interface

Here is a screen shot ff the user interface. It is really very simple.

This is a sample screen after the program finishes.

An email is sent after the program completes.